NDPSC Board of Directors

Director Position

Chad Ziegler

Service Drug & Gift Harvey

Ph: (701) 324-2227

E-mail: srvdrggft@gondtc.com


Sec/Tres & Director

Mark Aurit

Gateway Pharmacy North Bismarck

Ph: (701) 224-9521

E-Mail: mark@gatewaypharmacy.com


Director Dennis Johnson

Wall’s Medicine Center Grand Forks

Ph: (701) 746-0497

E-Mail: dennis@wallsrx.com


Vice President & Director

Robert Treitline

ND Pharmacy Dickinson

Ph: (701) 225-4434

E-Mail: ndpharmacy@ndsupernet.com



Matt Paulson

Carrington Drug  Inc. Carrington

Ph: (701) 652-2521

Email: carringtondrug@daktel.com



Tim Weippert

Thrifty White Pharmacy Plymouth MN

Ph: (763) 513-4357

e-mail: tweippert@thriftywhite.com

President & Director

David Olig

Southpointe Pharmacy Fargo

Ph: (701) 234-9912

E-Mail: davidjolig@gmail.com


NDPhA President Elect

Wanda Roden

Fargo, ND  58103

Ph: (701) 232-4237

E-mail: Wanda.Roden@ndsu.edu


Executive Vice President

Michael Schwab

1641 Capitol Way

Bismarck ND 58501

Cell: 701-391-3073

Ph: 701-258-4922

Fax: 701-258-9312

Email: mschwab@nodakpharmacy.net


Administrative Assistant

Lorri Giddings

1641 Capitol Way

Bismarck ND 58501

Ph: 701-258-4922

Email: lgiddings@nodakpharmacy.net


Exoffico Members

NDPhA President

Kyle DeMontigny

White Drug #50 Rugby

Ph: (701) 776-5741

E-Mail: P050@thriftywhite.com


College of Pharmacy

Charles Peterson

NDSU College of Pharmacy

Ph: (701) 231-7609

E-Mail: Charles.Peterson@ndsu.edu


Board of Pharmacy

Mark Hardy

ND State Board of Pharmacy

1906 E Broadway Ave

Bismarck ND 58501

Ph: (701) 328-9535

Fax: (701) 328-9536

E-Mail: mhardy@btinet.net


NDSU NCPA Student Chapter Representative



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