NAPT Fall Conference

NAPT Fall Conference 2017 Speaker Presentation: 

Mark Hardy, PharmD, RPh.  Updates on Drug Abuse Trends, the PDMP and Medical Marijuana 
Fran Gronberg, North Dakota State Board of Pharmacy Public Member  The Public Member Perspective
Gary Anderson, Living with Epilepsy
Melissa Halvorson, NDSU PharmD Candidate  OTC Medications and the red flags
KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Michael Mone, Vice President Associate General Counsel-Regulatory Cardinal Health The Basic ABC’s of Pharmacy: Why We Do What We Do
Bonnie Thome, RPh., FASCP, CGP, North Dakota State Board of Pharmacy Compliance Inspector  The Role of Pharmacy Technician from a Compliance Perspective
Richard Hillbom, R.Ph., PTCB Associate Director of Strategic Alliances  Pharmacy Technician Practice: Advancements and Opportunities
Tyler Rogers, PharmD, RPh. The Increasing Role of ND Pharmacy Technicians in Prescription Counseling
Lindsay Cizek-Cribb, RPhTech, CPhT  Putting Customers First Even In Difficult Situations

Panel Presenters:
Lynn Rud, RPhTech  The Expanding Role of Pharmacy Technicians in Research Outline
Tracy Lindsey, RPhTech, CPhT 
Kristi Shae, RPhTech, CPhT  
Donna Kisse, RPhTech, CPhT  You Can Make A Difference If You Try
Danika Braaten, RPhTech, CPhT  The Role of Technicians in Education
Nicole Bernabe, CPhT 


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