North Dakota Pharmacy Service Corporation (NDPSC)

The NDPSC is a private for-profit entity established in October of 1985. Membership is composed of primarily pharmacy businesses. There are currently around 100 active member pharmacies participating in the NDPSC. The corporation is funded through various membership fees based upon each individual pharmacy’s needs. There are various payments options available.

The purpose of the NDPSC is to form a network of pharmacies in ND that can provide programs and services for governmental agencies, employer groups, educational entities and members of the public.

NDPSC works to create programs, services and activities that provide new opportunities through the practice of pharmacy concentrating on wellness, prevention, and increased health outcomes for the patients we serve.

The NDPSC provides education, advocacy and research on behalf of its members and the profession of pharmacy. This includes legislative education and advocacy, as well as providing testimony on a local, state and federal level.

The NDPSC also provides important information for pharmacy owners regarding endless rule and regulation changes taking place on an annual basis at the state and federal level. The NDPSC provides information from the FDA, DEA, State Medicaid, and CMS to name a few.

The corporation also works to develop innovative plans that can be presented to government agencies and payers through collaboration with the NDPhA, the ND State Board of Pharmacy, the NDSU College of Pharmacy and the ND Institute of Pharmaceutical Care.

The NDPSC promotes and markets the importance of independent community pharmacies in ND and the vital role they play in serving our communities.

The NDPSC has various affiliations with various state and national organizations such as the National Community Pharmacists Association, PACE Alliance, and the ND Chamber of Commerce.

Please contact Mike at 701-258-4922, if you have additional questions and/or would like to join the NDPSC! Thanks for your time and consideration.

NDPSC members can join whenever it is convenient for them. Click here to see some of our current members.

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