ND Organizations

The pharmacy organizations of North Dakota have joined together to achieve the goal of improving the quality of life of the patients served by the profession. This goal is embodied by the mission, values, and vision of the profession. This page will link you to the various organizations that represent the Profession of Pharmacy in North Dakota.

Each of the organizations shown below is dedicated to advancing the mission, values and vision expressed above. The links below will connect you with more information about each of these organizations.

The Mission

Pharmacy in North Dakota exists as a force in society for the safe, rational, and cost effective use of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Through the provision of pharmaceutical care, the profession is responsible for the appropriate use of medications and devices to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes. The profession endeavors to enhance the pharmacist’s ability to provide pharmaceutical care as primary health care provider and to further the public’s recognition of the profession’s value.

We Value

  • ServicePharmacy is a service profession. The philosophy of pharmaceutical care focuses on the patient as the beneficiary of pharmacists’ activities. The responsible provision of pharmaceutical therapy for the purpose of achieving definite outcomes is intended to improve patients’ quality of life.
  • EthicsOur profession acknowledges and pursues the highest ethical standards in all endeavors. Honesty and integrity guide all interactions with patients, other health practitioners, and the general public.
  • Professional CompetenceOur profession requires that pharmacists possess the knowledge and skills to practice pharmacy as contemporarily defined.
  • We EnvisionA profession that is recognized as a primary health care provider capable of responding to society’s health care needs.

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